Avital B.S ltd
A Family company
Established in 1994 by Mr. Benjamin Avital following years of experience at various positions in the Israeli electrical segment for the purpose of import and distribution of electrical components for industry. Over the years the company experienced rapid growth and expanded its activity to 3 main fields, electrical components for the power distribution panel building industry, components and tools for electrical infrastructure installations and LED lighting. Today Avital B.S ltd is a family company with the second generation incorporated in top management capacities and is a local market leader in all its fields of operation.


To supply high quality goods at competitive price to all fields of electrical industries and lighting while keeping the highest standards of service, customer support and ingenuity in order to maintain and strengthen our leading position in the market

Diversification is the game
Our product portfolio is consisted of over 6,000 different articles spread over a variety of fields and industries:

Components for the electrical panel building industry: low voltage switchgear, control and automation, wiring and power distribution, measurement and protection, energy management and photovoltaics and more.

Components for electrical infrastructure installations: outdoors switchgear, wiring accessories, domotics, hand held and laboratories measuring instruments, various sensors, cables installation systems, industrial plugs and sockets.

LED lighting: various industrial and technical LED lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential projects including indoors and outdoors applications, emergency lighting and signs systems.

Over 5,000 Articles
in three divisions
Regularly Active
Our main priority
We cater to a wide range of customer types in various fields of industry and lighting. Our sales and distribution network covers the entire state of Israel and the Palestinian territories. In our database over 700 regularly active customers consisted of:

  • Electrical and lighting supplies wholesalers and retailers
  • Construction and electrical contractors
  • Power distribution and automation panel builders
  • Military and defense industries
  • Privet and government institutions
  • Traditional and high-tech manufacturers
  • Public utility companies and hospitals

Some of our key suppliers
We work with and represent over 30 different manufacturers from around the world with whom we maintain close and long term relations in order to offer our customers the absolute best solutions in every field
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